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Beautiful bright days and our green friends

Good morning Preschool families,

Let us all be grateful for this beautiful weather, the greenery around us and hear out the birds chirping! Let us continue learning about the green living beings around us that produce Oxygen so we can live and breathe. Teaching about plants to preschoolers is a great way to teach them lots of science as well as give them sensory experiences. Kids love to watch things grow! 

(Pssstt...remember to watch this video about photosynthesis...all the way at the bottom of this email)

We can start teaching and learning about the plants by germinating a few seeds or take it all the way to a garden, your backyard. Anything you teach kids about plants is great. By learning many phases of plant life cycle, kids can learn about botany, entomology, photosynthesis, germination and so much more. 

The best place to start with for a plant theme for preschoolers is with a few seeds. Get a few kinds of seeds from around your house, you can use pinto beans or black beans from the kitchen, an apple, check your spice cabinet for celery seed, cumin seeds or coriander, look at your dead flowers in the garden and pluck the seeds out of those. Learn about the parts of the plant: flower, stem, leaves and roots. Discuss with the kids the function of each part, what each one does. Don't miss out the reference for Chlorophyll and its importance in a plant's life and also in our lives. (Plants breathe out oxygen so we can live)

  • Let the kids plant many kinds of seeds in egg cartons and see which ones sprout the fastest and which plants grow the tallest.

  • Let kids sort different kinds of seeds and count them. They can also make patterns out of them. This is great for building math skills.  

  • If you have a garden, help kids plant seeds and seedlings in the garden. 

  • We can help them grow plants on the window sill and measure and record information on their growth. 

  • Plant two seeds, and place one in a window sill and one in a dark cabinet and compare growth as well. You can show them again how plants need sunlight to grow.

  • Here is the link to a video that explains Photosynthesis very well:

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