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Celebrate Spring

Hello Preschool parents,

As we celebrate the spring, this week brings us some more hope with sunshine! Let's get our preschoolers engaged in fun and learning about the spring season while exploring flowers, plants and bugs. Here are few activities that we should do with our children to celebrate this new bright season:

  • Let's welcome the sun and the nature inside through our windows... our window sun catchers can be a beautiful display that brings the sun indoors with new light. All we need is our creativity, some water colors and few coffee filters to make gorgeous pieces of sun catchers! 

  • Let's use some Play dough and make beautiful flowers and plants, maybe. We need items from the backyard, balcony and some good play dough.

  • Let's use construction paper and sticks to make some beautiful paper flowers. Scissor practice can be extra fun when we cute different shapes petals and make our own personal flowers!

  • Let's make paper plate flowers, this also adds in scissor practice is a super creative way. We can use crayons, paints, water colors or just shading with pencils to make patterns and textures to our flowers.

  • Let's go outside and go on a "Flower Hunt" to learn colors/patterns, and bring back samples to make a collection for sorting and grouping. Later, count how many in each "sorting" criteria group... and keep up the math skills!

  • Let's mix up some seeds, beans and lentils in a bowl and use a magnifying lens to figure out differences and similarities. Each type of seed has different characteristics from another. "This seed sorting tray" is a perfect activity to  practice our fine motor skills.

  • Let's call Sister Angela, Brother Joe or Sister Paige and schedule a visit to see the chicks and feed them at Paige Academy. Also, to visit the playground and experience that fun once again! (Make sure you schedule your visit with permission to make sure we know who is visiting when and we strictly practice social distancing)

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