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Creating a Woodland or a Swamp

Materials: ● Play With Me- Book reading ● Raccoon On His Own- Book reading ● images of woodlands  ● green, yellow, brown, white, blue, and black paint ● paintbrushes ● sponges ● markers ● small cups for paint and water ● smocks Vocabulary: ● setting--where a story happens ● woodland-large area covered with a lot of trees and woody plantation ● swamp--flooded woodland ● flooded--covered with water Preparation:  Intro -“In Play With Me, the girl sat by a pond in a woodland. What do you notice?" "In Raccoon On His Own, the raccoon floated down the water in a swamp. What do you notice?” “How is the woodland setting--where the story happened--similar to or different from the swamp setting?” -A woodland is a forest with many trees. A swamp is a woodland that has been flooded--covered in water. “Today, you can create a woodland or swamp painting using these materials." “How will you use these paint colors to show the different parts of a woodland/swamp?”

Encourage children to mix paint colors to create tints and shades. Encourage children to label the parts of the settings depicted in their paintings. Encourage children to use Woodland Research. Children can depict reflections in their paintings similar to the illustrations in Play With Me and Raccoon On His Own.--   

Guiding Questions during and after the activity: ● How is your painting similar to or different from the illustrations in Play With Me or Raccoon On His Own/your friends’ painting? ● How did you create the tint(s)/shade(s) you used in your painting? ● How can create a collaborative painting with a partner/parent? ● How did you use your Woodland Research to create your painting? Encourage children to use Beautiful Stuff from craft supplies to add animals to their paintings after they dry.

Use paintings as backdrops for Dramatization. Encourage children to add mylar/mirror or other reflective materials to their paintings to depict reflections in the settings.

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