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How do plants make their own food?

Hello Paige Academy families,

We are hoping all of us are safe and maintaining the protocols to stay healthy while staying indoors! It is a mammoth task keeping the kids engaged and interested while parents are still working from home and attending meetings. We are  continuously sending out videos and assignments to help families continue the learning and keeping their children at pace. 

Please help us help you! Make sure the child watches the video multiple times to understand the new concepts and new theme. Also, please help the child understand new words and reach out to the teachers for support.

This assignment is about "How do plants make their own food?"

(Please use the pictures attached here to help the children understand better!)

When plants are hungry, they do not have to wait for people or animals to provide them food. Plants are able to make their own food whenever they need it! The process is known as Photosynthesis. 

Photosynthesis” is a big word, isn’t it? It means light (photo) used to make something (synthesis). Can you guess how plants make their food?

They need to follow these simple steps to make their own food:

  • Take a deep breath: Plants have to breathe just like you and I do. The difference between plants and people, though, are what we need to breathe. Take a big deep breath and hold it. You are breathing in "oxygen". Now let it out. The air you let out is "carbon dioxide". Plants do the same thing, except when they take a deep breath, they breathe in carbon dioxide and when they let it out, it is oxygen. Now you might be thinking you’ve never seen a plant breathe before. That is because you haven’t—not the way you and I breathe, anyway. No, a plant takes in carbon dioxide without anyone even noticing.

  • Soak up the sunshine: Plants have a chemical in their leaves called "chlorophyll"The chlorophyll is what makes the leaves of the plant GREEN. But that is not the only job chlorophyll has. Its other job is to soak up the warmth and energy from the sun’s rays. Sun-energy isn’t all a plant needs to make its food, though. They also need water and air (remember, plants breathe in oxygen).

  • Drink up!: While the leaves are collecting energy from the sun, they are also pulling water up from the plant’s roots. The water, which is in the soil, travels through the roots, up the stem and into the leaves…kind of like a big straw.

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