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Kindness Detectives

A big and bright Hello to Paige Academy parents and children,

We hope everyone is safe and happy at their house! The video that was sent out by Sister Vaishali and Rehya reading the book about being kind has been watched and liked!

We all should come together and help each other spread kindness and recognize kindness. Also, after listening to the book "Be Kind"- talk briefly to your child about the many acts of kindness in the book. Children can start being kindness detectives and to help decide what kindness looks like by calling out “I see kindness!” when you show them the evidences like pictures that are of someone being kind (Practicing yelling it out once before you start will help).

When you come across something that is not kind, take the time to talk about it too by asking questions-

“How would you feel?

I would feel sad if someone hurt my feelings!”

In the conclusion, thank the children and remind them that using manners like saying thank you is a way to show kindness with your words. And remember, we are all in this together!

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