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Let's Plant

Hello Paige Academy families,

Let's acknowledge the magical times that spring season brings us! Beautiful sprouts and plants with beautiful flowers all around! The hope and happiness that surround us with a promise of possibilities that lay ahead. Much of the natural world seems magical when we see through the eyes of a preschooler as they watch the plant life cycle each spring with wonder and dismay!

Let's plant with Preschoolers - while teaching major life lessons!

This spring science activity requires general basic materials: You will need small pots, potting soil, seeds and water.   **we can also use egg shells as tiny pots**

the Students learn about the science of growing plants and the life cycle of plants. This is also a great opportunity to teach kids about patience and life skills. Seeds need attention, care and water to grow. Please encourage the children to water their seeds daily, and enjoy the immense pride on their faces as they see the seed germinates and begins to grow! Seeds need time to germinate – 5-10 days for most. Mature growth and blooms will take 4-8 weeks. 

This activity of planting and waiting teaches kids an important lesson in patience! Living in the current times where the speed of internet with streaming videos and "overnight deliveries" on items have less to show and teach on major life lessons. Growing a plant is one of those exercises that require diligence, care and patience!

Let's make it more fun with this poem "Farmer plants the seed"

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