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Raccoon on His Own - Discussion Questions

Discussion Questions:

● Why did the baby raccoon climb into the boat? ● Why didn’t raccoon’s family climb in the boat with him?

● How did the baby raccoon/his family feel as he drifted downstream? How do you know? ● How did raccoon’s reflection keep him company?  

● Will the baby raccoon stay with his family the next time they look for food? Why or why not? ● How did the raccoon react to the animals he saw in the swamp? Why? ● How is the swamp in Raccoon on His Own similar to or different from the woodland in Play With Me? ● How is the baby raccoon similar to or different from the rabbits in Rabbits And Raindrops/Max in Max's Dragon Shirt?  ● Recall some main events  ● Link characters’ basic emotions to their actions ● Use their own experiences to understand characters’ feelings and motivations ● Use vocabulary to express the main idea of a story or other text in a way that shows increasing understanding

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