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Spring into Math

Hello preschool families,

As the week progresses, let's practice some math with spring in our minds. It is important to develop and revise the number sense in preschoolers. Here are two suggestions for activities that build up the understanding of numbers along with the quantities and help revise the concepts with children. (Please make sure you look at the pictures attached for better understanding of the activities suggested.

Counting Carrots:

Here we are making carrots with some paper and glue. We can cut triangles to look like the carrots and write individual number on each carrot body. Also, we cut numerous green shoots that will go on each carrot. Children will be asked to attach or glue green stems to the carrots that will correspond to the number written on each one. Here is a picture attached to help the visual. 

Counting Caterpillars: 

We can set up the counting caterpillars station in a bin that is filled with sensory material (seeds, tiny rock, lentils etc). Add loose numbers as manipulatives. Also, add some uncooked pasta (caterpillars) for picking and counting to extend the concepts of math. Children can dig in and explore materials and tools. When they pick a number from the bin, they can identify the number and then find that many caterpillars. By doing this activity children get to practice counting and associating numbers with quantities.


  • small bin

  • filler (seeds, small rocks, beans or split peas)

  • pasta

  • numbers

  • tools for scooping 

  • ziploc bag 

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