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Unit 5 - Shadows and Reflections

Enduring Understanding(s): Shadows and reflections are products of light. Essential Question(s): How does light affect the way things look?


● Raccoon On His Own-Story

● Play With Me-Story

● mirrors

● flashlights

● reflective and non-reflective materials

● recording chart (Labelled Reflective/Non-Reflective)


● (non-) reflective

● shiny

● dull

● sort

● surface

Show materials and recording chart to the children. Sort materials into ‘reflective’ and ‘non-reflective’ groups. 

Children can use flashlights as a source of light that they can control and move.

Encourage children to explain how they sorted, i.e., “the stainless steel spoon is  reflective because it has a shiny surface,” “the construction paper is non-reflective because it has a dull surface,” etc.

Encourage children to experiment with moving the light source/object.

“In Raccoon On His Own, the baby raccoon looked into the

swamp water. What do you notice?”

“The sunlight shone on the swamp water and created a


Link to videos that will help the understanding:

Our projected learning outcome from this unit:

  • Light comes from natural and artificial sources 


  • Shadows and reflections are products of life



  • Light affects people, animals, and things

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