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Unit 5 - Shadows and Reflections - Home Links

Dear Families: In this unit your child is learning about shadows and reflections. Try at least three of these fun learning activities, or do them all! The most important thing is to enjoy time with your child

learning about what’s happening in the classroom. 

Language Initial letter sounds: Use the varied materials from around your house. Ask your child to pick a material, say its name, and tell you the letter/sound it begins with. For example, “Rock starts with R and makes the sound /r/.” Literacy Poem: Read the poem together. 

Raindrops Raindrops, raindrops falling all around! Pitter-patter on the ground. Here is my umbrella. It will keep me dry! When I go walking in the rain, I hold it up so high. Pitter-patter, raindrops Falling from the sky! Here is my umbrella to keep me safe and dry! When the rain is over And the sun begins to glow, Little flowers start to bud And grow, and grow, and grow! -Anonymous Discovery Shadow Hand Play: Shine a flashlight on a blank wall space or on a white sheet draped over furniture. Shine a light using a flashlight or the the light from your phone. Invite your child to use his/her hand to make shadows. Talk about what the shadows look like (an animal, creature, shape, etc.) Ask your child to describe each shape she/he is creating. Talk and Read (20 minutes) Conversation Starters: ● What do you think this book will be about? ● What is your favorite part of the story? ● What is the first thing that happens in the story? ● What do you think will happen next? ● Who is your favorite character? Math Finger Word Problems: Tell your child to solve simple addition problems with his/her fingers. Say, “I would like to buy three toy cars and two toy trucks.” Ask, “How many vehicles that is altogether?” Guide your child to show you three fingers on one hand and two fingers on the other and then to add them together. Try a couple of different problems. Conversation Starters: ● What happens if the light is closer/further from your hands? ● What images are you creating? ● How are you moving your hands? Tips for reading together: ● Sit together in a quiet cozy spot. ● As you read, highlight and define new vocabulary. For example, “A reflection is an image formed by something shiny.” ● As you read, ask your child questions pertaining to the book. For example, “What is your favorite part of this story?” “Why?”

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